How SALVAcoin works

SALVAcoin performs 2 essential functions
REWARD PROGRAM - SALC is a Limited Edition crypto currency that pays a reward bonus from sales on the SALVA platforms. If sales on SALVA platforms go up, then rewards go up. If sales go down, then rewards also go down. This would also encourage market dynamics that would make SALVAcoin go up or down in value. These natural market dynamics would encourage coin holders to promote the sale of SALVA products to increase SALC value and thus increasing SALC value on the open market.
CURRENCY on SALVA platforms - SALC is the preferred currency on all SALVA platforms to buy products on SALVAshop, trade crypto/NFTs and receive rewards on SALVAcoin, donante to SALVAorg, buy SALVAgrow plants and receive Affiliate commissions on SALVAnet.
You will see on each platform that you will have the option to use your SALC in transactions. You will also receive inside company information and private updates, polls in company decisions, and reward programs bonuses.
To get started with SALVAcoin, all you need to do is sign up for an account here and buy SALVAcoin now.
Once you have SALVAcoin you will be a part of the SALVAinc family. Welcome : )

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Refer your friends and family to the exciting opportunity with the SALVA systems. The more people you refer the more you earn and the stronger your investment grows.Sign up here on SALVAnet to start building your team.


Promote SALVA Products / Opportunities

Promote the SALVAcoin, SALVAorg, SALVAnet, SALVAshop and SALVAgrow. The more activity SALVAinc receives from your efforts, the better SALC will perform.


Cash Out

With all opportunities, timing is everything, and SALVAcoin is built to perform best under natural market conditions. SALVAcoin is perfect for the new investor that wants uncomplicated dynamics. Time your investment purchases and sales at the right time for best results.

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Building a strong brand since 2019. Starting with a successful and growing product line, be a part of our premium offering. Brick and mortar pharmacies, products available in the US, Latin America and Europe.
Brick and mortar pharmacies starting in Latin America
Products available in the US, Latin America and Europe
Grow operations in Colombia and Costa Rica
The Younger Brothers Trading Co. Indigenous goods and coffee

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