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Our Platforms

The SALVA System is a network of exciting new products and technology that merge cannabis with crypto and affiliate marketing through one easy to use panel called SALVAdashboard. One log in gives you access to all SALVA platforms and keeps all your investments and wallet in one secure place.
These SALVA systems are designed so that you can make an excellent income from home and you don't even have to invest anything, you can get started with zero money and start making money, today!


From high quality CBD products, to cutting edge recreational vapes, indigenous coffee, and cool merchandise. Every product on SALVAshop comes with our commitment to ethical business and care for the earth. All our products are made organically and come from our farms in Costa Rica and Colombia.


FREquently Asked Questions

SALVAcoin (ticker SALC) is an exclusive limited-edition block chain crypto currency with a lifetime cap of 10,000,000 coins.
SALVAcoin allows the individual to access opportunities in the legal international cannabis business.
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What is SALVAcoin?

How are SALVAcoin features different from other crypto?

Which wallet is required to store SALC?

Where can I use SALC?

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